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Amazing post about our ethical wool slippers by our friend Meagan Murtagh from Jackson Hole, a mountain town blogger, from a local gal’s perspective…

…”posting up in my little cabin is where you can find me most of the winter.  so to say i was thrilled to find a soft and cozy pair of wool slippers, is an understatement. these Chilote House Shoes might just be the best things my little feets have ever put on! they kind of go perfect with my tiny little log cabin.

These beautiful wool slippers hail all the way from Patagonia, in chile!  they are made from local sheep wool to provide warmth, comfort, and insulation, yet they are ventilated just a tad so your feet don’t get too hot.  they are juuuuust right!  the bottom is made from local sourced salmon leather that has been re-purposed and up-cycled, giving it a beautiful suede feel. if i could cozy up in a cabin the rest of my days, i certainly would!

the best part? each purchase of slippers empowers a local working artisan woman in chile! buy a pair, your feet will thank you”…

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Wool Slippers Chilote – warm feet & happy soul.

Slow-fashion is more than just wearing higher quality clothing, shoes, bags and accessories . Slow-fashion can and does have a direct impact on the lives of the maker.

Here we have a post made by She Dreams in Green…

In the absence of sweatshop conditions, the workers, makers and crafts people  receive  fair pay, rights, and respect. And why we ever  thought its OK to exploit in lands far away is beyond comprehension.

In the age of fast-everything, we need to take stock and reflect on our consumerist behavior. Much of which has been a driving force in the resultant environmental turmoil we now find ourselves in. Environmental and humanitarian injustice are often interlinked.

Our hunger for an ever-changing wardrobe has meant that people living in poor countries have been exploited: paid little, shown a disregard for the quality of their lives and mistreated in a way that would be illegal in the countries where the clothes are then sold, and the profits reaped. Fast-fashion puts pressure on resources, disregards the environments, often favours man-made (plastic based) fabrics due to cheapness, that will ultimately become poor, finite items of clothing that will be rendered unwanted faster than you can say:  capsule wardrobe.

With all this negative press reminding us that we all have blood on our hands, let us turn to the co-ops , individuals and small organizations that are proactively trying to bring slow-fashion to the main, and encourage shoppers to participate in this very important movement.

I have been an advocate and participant of handmade, slow-fashion for a long time (and when I can’t buy ethical, I buy preloved). That’s why, when I found out about Chilote Slippers I knew I wanted to work with them.

About Chilote?

  1. Positive impact
  2. Premium renewable materials
  3. Ethical and transparent
  4. Part of the artisan coop network

Chilote Shoes are beautiful slippers that have a positive impact on the lives of the women who make them as well as the environment.

Made Fair in Chile

Hand made in Patagonia, Chile, indigenous women are facilitated by a coop scheme for the production of slow, ethical products. These women reside on the edge of a beautiful lake, where they knit and assemble the slippers (also known as house shoes) using locally sourced materials.

“Buy and Empower”

“Buy and Empower” encapsulates the brands objectives and reminds the consumer of the power vested in us, to be good and to be bad. Therefore, by buying  Chilote slippers, we are contributing directly to an individual’s livelihood. Chilote have made their mission transparent, and actively encourage their buyers to learn all about the maker by attaching a unique QR code to every box, that directs you to a page all about the maker. (mine has yet to work, but will keep trying, and will add once it has).

“Warm Feet and Happy Slow”

Made using local sheep wool and sustainable ‘upcycled’ salmon leather, each pair of Chilote shoes are zerowaste bi-products and a no- sweatshop approach to fashion that proves that another shopping experience- a more personal, planet-kind and humane one- isn’t just a pipe-dream, but is already a reality.

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Wool Slippers Chilote Shoes – A gift of love made with love.

We would like to share with you an interesting point of view regarding transparency in business made by  Kamea Chayne.

“Extremely warm and cuddly,” said my dear friend and influencer Natalie of Sustainably Chic of Chilote Shoes.

Add in the fact that they are all hand knit by artisans in rural Patagonia using locally sourced wool and up-cycled salmon leather, and I was sold.

What impresses me even more, though, is the responsibility the brand has taken to ensure transparency in its business practices. Every pair of Chilote Shoes comes with a unique QR code which consumers can use to track exactly where and by which artisan group their shoes were made within the Patagonian region.

This definitely deserves praise and acknowledgment, because so many of the fashion industry’s problems stem from a lack of traceability within the supply chain.

Where did the raw fibers originate? How were they grown? Who grew them? Who turned the fibers into thread? How were they dyed and with what? Who knit them into fabric?

Only when we fully understand the journey of our keepsakes will we feel a deeper sense of connection to our world through our otherwise mundane consumer choices…

This lies at the very core of transforming gifts into gifts of love, and pleasures into purposeful pleasures.

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I Found the Perfect Pair of Eco-Friendly, Artisan-Made Wool Slippers.

We are fortunate to be published again and so happy that our ethical wool slippers are being recognized as an example of sustainability  in this still negative fashion industry.

This time from Brooklyn NY, Alden Wicker  behind Eco Cult, a sustainable and eco-friendly Lifestyle blog, shared her opinion about our social and positive impact wool slippers…

I love my apartment for many, many reasons. One of them is that the temperature drops at night in the winter.

My dude complains about it, and I just ignore him. A good home should be just slightly chilly at night, around 65 degrees. I guess I came to this view because my grandmother would always set the thermostat down at night before going to bed, then pop it back up on her way to making me a huge spread of pancakes and bacon for breakfast. A chilly home for my grandparents was a money-saving device, a practical necessity for people who grew up in the Depression. Of course, setting the thermostat down at night is also good for the environment, because you use less energy heating the house while you are tucked under the covers. Even though I have little control over the temperature of my apartment, since it is heated with radiators attached to the building’s boiler, it brings me a soulful comfort to dive under the covers to escape the chill.

But this cozy picture wouldn’t be complete without a pair of house slippers that I can put on when I get out of bed before I head to the kitchen to make some hot green tea. And now I’m so excited to have the perfect morning slippers: Chilote House Slippers.

These slippers are hygge personified, modest, cozy, and well made. Composed simply of locally sourced upcycled salmon skin leather and natural Patagonia sheep’s wool, they are handmade by independent female artisans in Patagonia through a co-op system, so that the artisans aren’t forced to work in a factory. Each pair comes rolled up in an eco-friendly, reusable shipping tube, no plastic included, with additional wool thread and salmon skin for personalizing or repairing them, and a QR code so you can learn more about the artisan group that made them.

I’ve been slipping them on every morning, and if I’m working from home, I forget to take them off! I love the way the thick wool pattern feels against the bottom of my feet, and the salmon skin makes them non-slip. They are already plenty comfortable already, but eventually they should break in further and conform to the shape of my feet. I also love how packable they are – if you’re taking a weekend to ski or stay at a friend’s cabin, you can bring these to make your stay more comfortable.

You know I very rarely say anything is a must-have. But every lady who lives outside the equator needs a good pair of slippers. Delicious slippers that are sustainable made plus support vulnerable female artisans? Yeah, that’s definitely a must-have.

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Chilote: Handcrafted Wool Slippers.

We love to share whenever ethical bloggers talk about us. This time from Canada, Sutton and Grove posted a very cool impression about our ethical wool slippers Chilote House Shoes.

…”My feet are always cold even in the middle of the summer, it’s incredible. They often feel like I’m walking around on icicles so naturally I was super excited to slip on a pair of these soft slipper booties when I got them.  I couldn’t help but snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of warm tea and settle in for some Netflix.

Chilote slippers are created in Patagonia which is a rural area in Chile. Hand-knitted by local artisan women these slippers are created with care and excellence. Chilote does not own a factory in Patagonia, each pair of slippers are hand crafted independently through an ethical network of production. Chilote connects with local artisan leaders, who earn up to 43% more by partnering with Chilote Wool Slippers.

Chilote founders Francisca Apparcel and Stiven Kerestegian are Denmark-based and have formed direct and meaningful relationships with Patagonian artisans. They proudly state that these relationships are the best part of their job and believe it is the secret to their success.

With each purchase of Chilote Slippers, you empower these independent women and help sustain their culture, heritage, and independence. Being someone that loves to travel and experience different cultures, I just love the fact that Chilote slippers are promoting Patagonian culture by giving their unique design and craft a platform for success. If you’re a curious one like me and you want to know what area of Patagonia your slippers were made then Chilote has included a QR code link providing the local artisan group who made your pair of slippers.

These beautiful slippers are sustainable made, 100% hand crafted and are produced with only two types of materials which are found locally: natural sheep wool and up-cycled salmon leather.

The slippers feature a salmon leather strap at the back near the heel which helps when pulling them on and off. They fit like a glove and with time, conform to the shape of your foot making for an even comfier experience. The packaging is very creative using a rustic tube that contains information on where and how they were made along with a bit of extra wool to serve as a repair kit in case the slippers get snagged”…

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