Chilote: Handcrafted Wool Slippers.

We love to share whenever ethical bloggers talk about us. This time from Canada, Sutton and Grove posted a very cool impression about our ethical wool slippers Chilote House Shoes.

…”My feet are always cold even in the middle of the summer, it’s incredible. They often feel like I’m walking around on icicles so naturally I was super excited to slip on a pair of these soft slipper booties when I got them.  I couldn’t help but snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of warm tea and settle in for some Netflix.

Chilote slippers are created in Patagonia which is a rural area in Chile. Hand-knitted by local artisan women these slippers are created with care and excellence. Chilote does not own a factory in Patagonia, each pair of slippers are hand crafted independently through an ethical network of production. Chilote connects with local artisan leaders, who earn up to 43% more by partnering with Chilote Wool Slippers.

Chilote founders Francisca Apparcel and Stiven Kerestegian are Denmark-based and have formed direct and meaningful relationships with Patagonian artisans. They proudly state that these relationships are the best part of their job and believe it is the secret to their success.

With each purchase of Chilote Slippers, you empower these independent women and help sustain their culture, heritage, and independence. Being someone that loves to travel and experience different cultures, I just love the fact that Chilote slippers are promoting Patagonian culture by giving their unique design and craft a platform for success. If you’re a curious one like me and you want to know what area of Patagonia your slippers were made then Chilote has included a QR code link providing the local artisan group who made your pair of slippers.

These beautiful slippers are sustainable made, 100% hand crafted and are produced with only two types of materials which are found locally: natural sheep wool and up-cycled salmon leather.

The slippers feature a salmon leather strap at the back near the heel which helps when pulling them on and off. They fit like a glove and with time, conform to the shape of your foot making for an even comfier experience. The packaging is very creative using a rustic tube that contains information on where and how they were made along with a bit of extra wool to serve as a repair kit in case the slippers get snagged”…

We invite you to read the all post here.

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