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Slow-fashion is more than just wearing higher quality clothing, shoes, bags and accessories . Slow-fashion can and does have a direct impact on the lives of the maker.

Here we have a post made by She Dreams in Green…

In the absence of sweatshop conditions, the workers, makers and crafts people  receive  fair pay, rights, and respect. And why we ever  thought its OK to exploit in lands far away is beyond comprehension.

In the age of fast-everything, we need to take stock and reflect on our consumerist behavior. Much of which has been a driving force in the resultant environmental turmoil we now find ourselves in. Environmental and humanitarian injustice are often interlinked.

Our hunger for an ever-changing wardrobe has meant that people living in poor countries have been exploited: paid little, shown a disregard for the quality of their lives and mistreated in a way that would be illegal in the countries where the clothes are then sold, and the profits reaped. Fast-fashion puts pressure on resources, disregards the environments, often favours man-made (plastic based) fabrics due to cheapness, that will ultimately become poor, finite items of clothing that will be rendered unwanted faster than you can say:  capsule wardrobe.

With all this negative press reminding us that we all have blood on our hands, let us turn to the co-ops , individuals and small organizations that are proactively trying to bring slow-fashion to the main, and encourage shoppers to participate in this very important movement.

I have been an advocate and participant of handmade, slow-fashion for a long time (and when I can’t buy ethical, I buy preloved). That’s why, when I found out about Chilote Slippers I knew I wanted to work with them.

About Chilote?

  1. Positive impact
  2. Premium renewable materials
  3. Ethical and transparent
  4. Part of the artisan coop network

Chilote Shoes are beautiful slippers that have a positive impact on the lives of the women who make them as well as the environment.

Made Fair in Chile

Hand made in Patagonia, Chile, indigenous women are facilitated by a coop scheme for the production of slow, ethical products. These women reside on the edge of a beautiful lake, where they knit and assemble the slippers (also known as house shoes) using locally sourced materials.

“Buy and Empower”

“Buy and Empower” encapsulates the brands objectives and reminds the consumer of the power vested in us, to be good and to be bad. Therefore, by buying  Chilote slippers, we are contributing directly to an individual’s livelihood. Chilote have made their mission transparent, and actively encourage their buyers to learn all about the maker by attaching a unique QR code to every box, that directs you to a page all about the maker. (mine has yet to work, but will keep trying, and will add once it has).

“Warm Feet and Happy Slow”

Made using local sheep wool and sustainable ‘upcycled’ salmon leather, each pair of Chilote shoes are zerowaste bi-products and a no- sweatshop approach to fashion that proves that another shopping experience- a more personal, planet-kind and humane one- isn’t just a pipe-dream, but is already a reality.

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